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As Locust Honey, Chloe Edmonstone and Meredith Watson have spent nearly a decade weaving their experience in old time, bluegrass, and pre-war blues into the core of their sound.  Their original songs, as well as their take on traditional tunes, ride on lively arrangements, close vocal harmony, fiddle, guitar, and banjo. With the release of their 3rd album, The Low and Low, Locust Honey has taken a leap into new territory, integrating drums, electric guitars, and even organ into the mix, exploring new sonic worlds and darker lyrical themes.

“The Low and Low” was recorded at the Bomb Shelter here in Nashville, TN. For this exciting album release event at the Station Inn, Locust Honey plans to bring up several of the special guests who recorded on the album, including Robbie Turner, Matt Combs, and more!

Locust Honey has been touring extensively across the US, as well as the UK and Ireland, since 2012. After forming the band in the mountains of North Carolina, Chloe and Meredith relocated to Nashville in 2015, a new home base from which they continue to tour and write. Since relocating, Meredith has opened the Nashville School of Traditional Country Music, dedicated to preserving country music and dance traditions through inclusive learning for all ages.  Chloe teaches fiddle at the country school and plays with a variety of bands and songwriters.


Their songs “When the Whiskey’s Gone” and “Blue” were featured in the films “Time Out of Mind” (2014) and “The Dinner”  (2016) respectively, both directed by Oren Moverman.

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Shenandoah Mtn Stage
1:00pm  The Hollering Pines
3:00pm  Hush Kids
5:30pm  Peter Rowan
8:00pm  Mandolin Orange
10:30pm  The Wood Brothers
Blue Ridge Timberwrights Stage
12:00pm  Allison & Tatiana
2:00pm  Cedric Burnside
4:15pm  The East Pointers
6:45pm  Charley Crockett
9:15pm  The Lil Smokies
The Roots Stage
1:00pm  Courtney Hartman
3:00pm  Kristin Andreassen
5:30pm  Oliver Bates Craven
8:00pm  Sam Reider & The Human Hands
10:30pm  Larry Keel
The Kinfolk Stage
1:00pm  Appalachian Stories
2:00pm  For Goodness Snakes
4:00pm  Red Wing Academy
5:00pm  Dirt Road Sweetheart
6:15pm  The Steel Wheels’ Kids Set
7:15pm  Square Dance
The Hill Stage
2:00pm  The Wildmans
3:30pm  Courtney Hartman
5:00pm  Corner House
6:30pm  Allison & Tatiana
8:00pm  The Judy Chops
Shenandoah Mtn Stage
1:00pm  Jordan Tice
3:00pm  River Whyless
5:30pm  Della Mae
8:00pm  The Steel Wheels
10:30pm  Lucinda Williams
Blue Ridge Timberwrights Stage
12pm  Locust Honey
2:00pm Cedric Watson Trio
4:15pm  Lonely Heartstring Band
6:45pm  Feufollet
9:15pm  Fruit Bats
The Roots Stage
1:00pm  John R Miller
3:00pm  Lula Wiles
5:30pm  Kaia Kater
8:00pm  Square Dance
10:30pm  Big Daddy Love
The Kinfolk Stage
1:00pm  Appalachian Stories
2:00pm  Birds of Prey
3:00pm  The Fernandez Sisters
4:00pm  Cedric Watson & Danny Knicely, brought to you by Kline’s Dairy Bar
5:00pm  The Bright Siders
6:00pm  Corner House
The Hill Stage
2:00pm  Oliver Bates Craven
3:30pm  Locust Honey
5:00pm  Justin Jones
6:30pm  Lula Wiles
8:00pm  Jordan Tice
Shenandoah Mtn Stage
12:00pm  Dead Horses
2:00pm  Birds of Chicago
4:30pm  Lindsay Lou
6:45pm  Gibson Brothers
Blue Ridge Timberwrights Stage
11:00am  “Gospel” Set
1:00pm  Sean McConnell
3:15pm  Tim O’Brien Band
5:45pm  Tribute Set
The Roots Stage
12:00pm  The Wildmans
2:00pm  Justin Jones
4:30pm  Fireside Collective
The Kinfolk Stage
1:00pm  The Fernandez Sisters
2:00pm  Pick Along Jam Session
3:30pm  Dogwood Tales
4:30pm  Saw Black

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