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Ragged Mountain String Band plays traditional old-time music from Appalachia, suitable for dancing or listening. They’re our venerable hosts of the nightly square dances, with Hannah Johnson calling.

Reuben Miller – fiddle  Reuben Miller learned old-time fiddle and banjo tunes from Shenandoah Valley luminaries Two-Gun Terry and Kevin Harter. He grew up in an a Capella church community in Pennsylvania and also spent time listening to his mother playing harpsichord, piano, and guitar, the latter of which he learned as a teen. As a multi-instrumentalist, he has played in music circles in Lancaster, Pa., Harrisonburg, and Charlottesville, Va.

Stavros Calos – fiddle  Stavros Calos grew up in Richmond, Virginia, and started playing his Grandfather’s mandolin when he was 17. Since then, he’s been a regular in the Virginia old-time and bluegrass scenes, thanks mostly to the William and Mary Appalachian string band. He says: “I like when people take ownership of traditional tunes. The pioneers of American music weren’t concerned about precisely preserving the old Celtic, English, and African sounds. I play the same tunes as these pioneers, but I’m not concerned with preserving their exact styles. I consider this true to the spirit of their music.”

Tucker Rollins – mandolin  Tucker Rollins began playing mandolin at after-work musical gatherings while living in Fort Collins, CO. After moving to Charlottesville, VA, he became hooked on playing traditional old-time Appalachian tunes. He learned most everything he knows about traditional music from the Charlottesville “old-time kingpin” Pete Vigour (and also bandmate Reuben Miller). When not playing old time music he enjoys traveling to far away places, fishing for wild trout and sipping on cold microbrews and cheap scotch.

Dan Easley – banjo Dan Easley got his start with traditional Appalachian music playing guitar for Harrisonburg fiddler Kevin Harter, and has since built up his repertoire and approach as a banjoist, fiddler and singer with regular jamming in the Shenandoah Valley and in Charlottesville, and with repeated visits to Fiddlers Conventions and festivals throughout Appalachia.

Chris Leva – guitar Chris Leva is a guitarist, vocalist, song-writer, sound engineer and producer, with seven full length CD’s to his credit. His current bands include: Datz/Leva (old-time country & bluegrass, Dawg music, Grateful Dead, acoustic swing, etc.), Green House (swing, bluegrass, blues, island), OVERDOG (formerly the Stoned Masons) (GD, classic, reggae, blues), Faster Than Walking (old-time string band), Guano Boys (Caribbean +), Positive Collective (reggae) and Ragged Mountain String Band (old-time/traditional.)

Charlie Davis – bass Charlie Davis started playing the bass 7 years ago when he moved to Charlottesville, Va. Through playing old-time music he has met many interesting people, including these guys, and has had a good time.


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