June 23, 24 & 25, 2023 |

94 Natural Chimneys Ln, Mt Solon, VA 22843

June 23, 24 & 25, 2023

Red Wing Roots Music Festival

The Goat’s Beards

Saturday 6/25 – 2:30pm on The Hill Stage

The Goat’s Beards are a dynamic and ornery duo based in Northern Indiana featuring fiddle, banjo and guitar as well as close vocal harmonies.

Goatsbeard, also known as bride’s feathers, is a perennial forb in the rose (Rosaceae) family. Native to the northern hemisphere in North America, Europe, and Asia, this plant generally grows in moist woods, meadows, and along streams. It is also known to grow in moist to wet ravines, rocky ledges, and avalanche chutes.

Two “beards”, seven instruments (at last count), Old-time and Irish traditional music, harmony singing, original and traditional songs (and any others we might like to play), goaty fun!

Adam Carter came to the goat life through his love of the native plants of his home state of Ohio. He has an affinity for rocky ledges and moist to wet ravines. (See above) While he considers himself to be overly critical, others see him as very thoughtful and an excellent mediator and negotiator in times of band crisis! Adam plays guitar and tenor guitar with Soltre.

Sean Michael Hoffman is an adventurous eater and his singing voice has often been said to share tonal qualities with an angry goat. He tends to write loud protest songs and melancholic, feel-good songs about death and other humorous topics that end up sounding both too serious and not quite serious enough. Sean plays fiddle with Debutants, Soltre and many others.

Ellen Coplin is a badass cello playing, ivory tickling, soul-soaring harmony singing kinda gal. She’s classy in a getting your hands dirty sort of way, and throws herself down the mountain of life whether on a bike or in a jam session. She is a welcome breath of fresh air and adds style and grace to the goaty aroma of beards!