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Red Wing Festival Hosts

The Steel Wheels

The Steel Wheels are an American roots music band, writing and playing music in the closely related but unique styles of blues, bluegrass, old-time music, and fiddle music. Their music respects the past but lives in the present, and layers musical textures with a modern edge to create a new sound. The four-piece group is based in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. Learn more about The Steel Wheels.

Natural Chimneys Park

Located near Mt. Solon in Augusta County, Virginia in the Shenandoah Valley, Natural Chimneys Park features rock “chimneys” formed from limestone that began to accumulate and harden into stone about 500 million years ago in the Paleozoic Era, when the region was underwater. Over time, enormous upward pressures of magma and widespread geologic upheaval, which created the Appalachian Mountains, combined with erosive forces of water and destroyed weaker layers of stone. Eventually, this created the rock chimneys which can be seen today. The chimneys tower as much as 120 feet above ground level. (Wikipedia)

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