Kids Events


We are proud to host Red Wing Roots Music Festival as a family-friendly experience. Rest assured, kids AND parents are going to have a great time! From Shady Grove to The Kinfolk Stage to Red Wing Academy and more, we have activities and engagement for all ages.

Shady Grove

Thanks to sponsorship from Venture Builders, we are happy to have an area of the festival dedicated to children’s activities near The Roots Stage. There is a lot going on each year, so be sure to check it out. Some of the activities have included:

  • Climbing Wall
  • A toddler/parent zone run by the fine folks at Our Little Planets
  • KINGDOMS Lawn Games showing us how to play this competitive family-friendly game that combines elements of fantasy with a new variant of bowling 
  • Slack-Librium’s slack line set up 
  • Tie-dye Workshops on Saturday and Sunday (plus a festival t-shirt for the first 50 participants each day!)
  • The Mist Pavilion – a great place to cool off!  
  • Collaborative painting mural 
  • Yard Games
  • New this year! Juggling Geoff’s daily performances

It is one part of the festival you don’t want to miss. And it is all free with your wristband!

The Kinfolk Stage

The Kinfolk Stage is fun for all ages! Located next to the children’s playground, The Kinfolk Stage hosts family-friendly performances throughout the day. Annual favorites have included the Red Wing Academy performance with The Steel Wheels, multiple artist sets,  Appalachian storytelling and dancing for all ages.

Check out the Red Wing XI schedule for The Kinfolk Stage events throughout the weekend. 

New this year!

Saturday, 3pm on The Kinfolk Stage

Explore the wonders of geology with hands-on activities with samples. What does sand look like under a microscope? Which rocks taste good? Which minerals write on paper? Which fizz when you put acid on them? How did the Natural Chimneys form? Come examine the planet Earth with Virginia geologists!

TEEN SILENT DISCO w/ Rocktown Silent Disco
Friday, 8pm AND Saturday, 9pm on The Kinfolk Stage
What is a SILENT DISCO? Imagine dancing to your own beat, your own music, your own style. Imagine the FREEDOM you feel in your own personal dance party. Now imagine The Kinfolk Stage dance floor FULL of other teens doing the same. THAT is SILENT DISCO!

Red Wing Academy 

Red Wing Academy is hosted by Eric Brubaker of The Steel Wheels as a four-day intensive camp ahead of the music festival. Red Wing Academy is open to non-beginner violin, viola, cello, bass, guitar, mandolin and banjo students. Is this something your strings-player might enjoy? Learn more HERE.

Each year, The Steel Wheels and academy students perform together at The Kinfolk Stage on Friday of festival. It is a packed event that celebrates the hard work of the students and always brings many smiles and tears from parents and fans alike. It is a special part of the festival, just make sure you arrive early if you hope to sit inside the tent! 

Catch the Red Wing Academy performances with The Steel Wheels on Friday, June 21st at 12pm (Blue Ridge Timberwrights Stage) and 4pm (The Kinfolk Stage).

Additional Red Wing features that may catch your family’s attention:

  • Face painting and Henna can be found in the Healing Arts area. 
  • Red Wing is bicycle friendly.
  • When there is water in the river, it is a great place to wade, float or swim.
  • Natural Chimneys Park pool is open to festival-goers throughout the weekend. Pool passes must be purchased that the Front Gate at $4/day or $10/weekend.

Parents, these are TWO IMPORTANT RULES we want all kids of all ages to know:

    1. No Climbing on the Chimneys! Please stay on designated trail if you would like to hike up to the top.
    2. If riding bike around the festival, you are sharing the road with people and vehicles. Be sure to pay attention to those around you and if you are riding after dark, please use a bike light.