Red Wing Roots Music Festival - Great Music, Great Outdoors

Festival Guidelines

We are committed to fostering a relaxed atmosphere with certain guidelines that must be followed to ensure a safe and fun festival for everyone.

Throughout the Festival Grounds

(Every attendee must abide by the following guidelines.)


  • When you arrive at the Front Gate you will have a wristband placed on your wrist which will be your ticket. Wristbands cannot be removed or shared. If you lose your wristband, you forfeit entrance to the festival, you will not be given a new wristband.
  • NO CLIMBING ON THE CHIMNEYS!! Please stay on the designated trail.
  • Absolutely NO PETS allowed on the festival grounds, campgrounds or parking lots. This will be strictly enforced. (Service animals exempted.)
  • No fireworks, drones, smoke bombs or sky lanterns
  • No drum circles or amplified music from 11pm – 11am
  • No outside alcohol permitted.  Coolers and bags will be checked. (Augusta County Park Rules) Beer gardens brought to you by Blue Mountain Brewery provided with beer, wine and cider available*
  • No unauthorized vending – if you’re not a registered vendor you may not sell or distribute anything on the festival grounds
  • Audience and radio taping only (no soundboard patches), except when prohibited by performing artist.
  • No video recording of any performances
  • No motorized vehicles (golf carts, ATVs)
  • No weapons or firearms

Festival goers must abide by all local, state, and federal laws. NO ALCOHOL OR DRUG SALES tolerated anywhere on the festival site or annexed properties. Anyone caught selling or distributing illicit substances will immediately have their wristband cut and be ejected from the festival. Further legal repercussions are likely.

On the Music Meadow

(The main viewing areas of Shenandoah Mountain Stage and Blue Ridge Timberwrights Stage.)

  • No aluminum cans or glass bottles in the meadow.  Reusable drinking bottles/cups allowed.  Disposable plastic water bottles discouraged.
  • For safety reasons, no Frisbee throwing in the Music Meadow.
  • All personal possessions must be removed from the Music Meadow after each night’s performance.
  • Lawn chairs & blankets allowed only in designated areas.
  • Coolers allowed only in designated chair areas.
  • Camp chairs with built-in shade awnings and other sun-blocking apparatus that does not obstruct the view of other festival-goers are allowed.
  • Camp chairs MUST be removed from viewing areas at the end of each day.
  • Share the Shade! During programming hours, unattended chairs to be used by other patrons until the owner returns to their chair.
  • No pop-up tents are allowed anywhere on festival grounds, other than in campgrounds.
  • No large umbrellas allowed on the music meadow (sun or rain).

Enjoy the relaxed festival atmosphere and be proactive about the security of your belongings. Leave your campground overtly empty.  Don’t bring what you cannot afford to lose and be sure to look after one another.  Our community is not possible without your participation!

Blue Mountain Beer Gardens
(including Blue Mountain Brewery, Old Hill Hard Cider, Bluestone Vineyards)

To partake in our delicious craft beer, cider or wine in our Blue Mountain Beer Gardens, you must purchase tickets from booths stationed inside the ABC area. YOU MUST BRING A VALID ID to consume alcohol. (Having grey hair and grandkids are not acceptable forms of ID.)

Beer/cider/wine tickets are $8 each, for 16oz beers or 12oz cider servings.

In our efforts to reduce our carbon footprint, we minimize plastics by only serving drinks in Klean Kanteen stainless steel cups. Steel Pints with the Red Wing Logo will be available for purchase in the beer gardens & merch pavilion. You are also welcome to re-use one from a past year or another festival such as, Rooster WalkThe Festy Experience or FloydFest!


Stay Hydrated!

Bring your reusable water bottles! We have several free water stations located throughout the festival grounds.

Look for them at the following locations:

  • At the back of the Music Meadow.
  • Within the Main Beer Garden.
  • Near The Kinfolk Stage & No Frills Camping Area.
  • In the middle of Z Lot near the road.
  • Up at Chimney Ridge Center.
Biking at Red Wing

Bikes are welcome at Red Wing. A reminder to all to ride safely and slowly. We all share the roads during the festival; bikes, vehicles, shuttles and pedestrians alike!

Here are some key safety items if you’ll be biking during the festival.

  • Bikes need lights and reflectors for night.
  • Mind pedestrians and vehicles when riding.
  • Teach your kids some simple rules for sharing the road.
  • Do not leave bikes in walking paths; do not lean bikes on green plastic fencing.
ADA Information

**The festival grounds are wheelchair/handicap accessible, including portable restrooms. A limited number of handicap spaces will be designated in General Admission Parking; a parking pass is still required. If needed, a golf cart ride from main gate to Music Meadow will be provided.

Both Chimney Ridge (tent camping) and Z Lot (Dry-RV camping) have ADA areas. If needed, please let camping staff know as you arrive.

Shuttle Information

We have shuttles to and from parking, shuttles for ADA, and shuttles running the Chimney Ridge/Hill Stage Loop. Check the site map and on-site signage to learn more about specific shuttle stops.

When walking/biking to the Hill Stage, the quickest route is through J Loop and Z Lot. Please note: Be careful as traffic will be going the opposite direction.