Jourdan Thibodeaux et les Rôdailleurs

Saturday, 6/22 – 4:15pm on Blue Ridge Timberwrights Stage​

Jourdan Thibodeaux is the guy you picture when someone says the word “authentic.” Straight from the blackjack boggy woods of Cypress Island, Louisiana, Jourdan is one of only a small number of young people speaking Cajun French today, and his soulful singing and fiddling are the perfect medium for his ever-growing repertoire of original Louisiana French songs.

After taking the Louisiana music scene by storm in 2018, Jourdan Thibodeaux et Les Rôdailleurs have developed a reputation for pairing ancient traditions with incomparable energy. Preserving a culture while pioneering its advancement, Grammy Award winning and nominated musicians Joel Savoy, Cedric Watson, and Alan Lafleur, join Adam Cormier in bringing Jourdan’s stories to life.

Known for his authenticity and being one of the few young people speaking Cajun French today, Jourdan Thibodeaux has been called “the future of cajun music” by Acadiana Profile Magazine. “It’s all very honest and real,” says Offbeat Magazine in regard to the all original tracks that he writes about his life in Cypress Island, Louisiana.

His highly anticipated sophomore album, ‘La Prière, on Valcour Records, continues to deliver la vérité. 

From headlining Festivals Acadiens et Creoles, to Jazz Fest in New Orleans, to SXSW, to the Congrès Mondial in Canada, Les Rôdailleurs have surely earned their name.