Red Wing Festival Camping

Answers to  all of your Red Wing XI camping questions!


Emails will be sent to the ticket purchaser with important camping information for Red Wing XI.
Please forward these emails to those in your group or use the buttons (labeled photos) below to access specific information for your camping area.

IMPORTANT: Please do not arrive before your assigned check-in time. Our main gate and parking areas are unable to accommodate early arrivals. This check-in schedule ensures efficient check-ins for everyone. Early arrivals will be asked to leave and return at the assigned time. Additionally please note Thursday’s special gate hours for each camping area. Plan to arrive within the specific hours of your camping destination.

  • Z Lot Dry-RV: THURSDAY, 9am – 8:30pm
  • Chimney Ridge & Glamping: THURSDAY, 10am – 8:30pm
  • Premium RV & Super Groups: THURSDAY, 11am -10pm
  • No Frills: FRIDAY, 8:30am – 10pm

For the safety of our camping guests, gates close each evening, Friday – Sunday, at 11pm. If you leave the grounds and do not return before 11pm, you will not be able to reenter the grounds by vehicle until morning. You will need to park in GA Parking overnight and walk in to your campsite. ** Thursday has special gate hours specific to each camping area. ** Please note the individual camping times listed above.

Use the buttons below to explore the offerings (and guidelines) of Red Wing XI!


Bikes are welcome at Red Wing. A reminder to all to ride safely and slowly. We all share the roads during the festival; bikes, vehicles, shuttles and pedestrians alike!

Here are some key safety items if you’ll be biking during the festival.

  • Bikes need lights and reflectors for night.
  • Mind pedestrians and vehicles when riding.
  • Teach your kids some simple rules for sharing the road.
  • Do not leave bikes in walking paths; do not lean bikes on green plastic fencing.