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Chimney Ridge Camping
We have two options to choose from in the Chimney Ridge Camping Area.

Pick-Your-Own Tent Camping:

2 tents, 4 people, and 1 vehicle max per site. Good for 4 nights (Thurs 11am – Mon 10am). This camping area has three zones: 1) Large camping area – pick your own camping spot in the shade of the trees, out in the meadow or tucked in the woods; 2) Drop-off zone – so you can drive close to your chosen spot to drop off your gear; and 3) Chimney Ridge Parking lot for vehicles.

Key Points of Pick-Your-Own:

  • You get to pick your own site.
  • You get to choose the type of terrain and location you like: shaded, wooded or open meadow.
  • Plenty of room to have a personal campfire. (You will either need to bring or purchase a fire ring.)
  • While not directly next to your tent, your car is nearby in the Chimney Ridge Parking Lot.


Park-N-Pitch Car Camping:

2 tents, 4 people, and 1 vehicle max per site. Good for 4 nights (Thurs 11am – Mon 10am). Similar to our Z Lot Tent Camping, when you arrive Red Wing campground staff will assign you a site in the field where you can pitch your tent beside your vehicle. You will have approximately a 20′ x 20′ area next to your vehicle for your set up.

Key Points of Park-N-Pitch:

  • Park at your campsite.
  • Red Wing staff will assign sites upon arrival.
  • No personal campfires.



Chimney Ridge Camping FAQs:

    1. Can we have a personal fire on our Pick-Your-Own campsite? A:Yes! For the first time, we have a tent camping option (pick-your-own) that allows for personal campfires, unless there is a burn ban in effect. You will be required to have a metal fire container or ring. Fires must be attended at all times, with both fires and ashes needing to be thoroughly extinguished when leaving the area or going to bed. No bonfires allowed.
    2. Why can’t we have a campfire at our Park-N-Pitch Car Camping site? The Pitch-N-Park sites are close together, for that reason fires are not allowed in this camping area.
    3. Will there be firewood for sale if we get a Pick-Your-Own campsite? Yes! You may either scrounge in the woods for fallen wood or purchase firewood from the Red Wing campground staff.
    4. How close will the drop off zone be to my campsite? That depends. Sites will be first come, first serve so it really depends on when you arrive. When you arrive, you’ll be able to decide where you want to pitch your tent. It is up to you how close you want to be to the bathrooms, the trail that leads to the Music Meadow, and the drop off zone. There is room to spread out and the choice is yours.
    5. Will there be bathrooms, water and showers on Chimney Ridge? We will have drinking water and portajons easily accessible. Showers will be available in the Z Lot Campground which is about a 5min walk or quick shuttle ride from Chimney Ridge.
    6. How often will the shuttle run between the Chimney Ridge camping area and the Music Meadow? The Chimney Ridge shuttles will run continually throughout the day. There should almost always be a ride coming soon if you need one. Of course, it is a beautiful and shaded walk, so you may just choose to stroll.
    7. How long is the walk to the Music Meadow? We’ve timed the walk both by trail and road. Whichever way you choose to go, it is less than a 10min walk.
    8. Is it an option to bike from Chimney Ridge to the Music Meadow? Yes, there is a gravel road that loops through Chimney Ridge camping. We advise caution since it’s gravel and has some steep sections.
    9. I’m excited to camp in Chimney Ridge, what ADA options do you have? There is a designated ADA area in Chimney Ridge camping. Please let campground staff know when you arrive. You will be able to park your car beside your tent in this area.
    10. Are there any designated family or quiet camping areas? There will be an area designated “Quiet Camping” in Pick-Your-Own camping. There is a lot of room on Chimney Ridge so hopefully the noise from the rest of the camping area will be buffered. However, please understand that noise does travel and while we will do our best to provide a nice “quiet camping” area, we can’t make any guarantees.

Have more questions? Email us at [email protected]

Walking Trail towards the Music Meadow