2 tents, 4 people and 1 vehicle max per site. Good for 4 nights (Thurs 10am – Mon 10am).

Two ticket options for Chimney Ridge camping: 1) Car-Campingor 2) Park & Walk to a spot of your choosing. When you arrive at Chimney Ridge, our Staff will direct you to your purchased camping area. Once the festival begins on Friday, there will be limited access to drive into Chimney Ridge. Basically, once you’re there, plan to stay! 3-day General Admission tickets are required for all campers in your party. NO PETS.

Note: If you are Car-Camping, SMALL campers without generators are allowed. The technical qualifications for a camper on Chimney Ridge are: 1) Must be towed in with an AWD/4WD vehicle; 2) Your detached camper and car need to fit into the 20’x20’ car-camping campspot; and 3) No generators of any type are allowed on Chimney Ridge.

Which set-up is right for you? 

Chimney Ridge Car-Camping (Tent/Sm RV)

You will be assigned a 20′ x 20′ spot to park your car and pitch a tent, or set up your small RV/camper/van. Just remember, if you bring a small RV/camper/van everything needs to fit within your assigned 20’x20’ camp spot AND you must have All Wheel/4×4 drive. No generators are allowed.

Key Points to Car-Camping: 

  • Approximately 20’x 20’ site (including your car).
  • Chimney Ridge staff will assign your spot.
  • Most spots are in the sun.
  • Small campers, including vans and truck slide-in campers, are allowed as long as EVERYTHING (including your vehicle) fit into the 20’x20′ spot. If you are towing your camper, your vehicle must be AWD or 4WD drive for Chimney Ridge. No generators allowed in Chimney Ridge, no exceptions.

Chimney Ridge Park & Walk Tent Camping

Park and walk to a spot of your choosing. This is a great opportunity to find a nice spot (roughly 20′ x 20′) that might have some of the attributes of your choosing such as shade, flat ground, slightly more privacy, wild flowers, etc. When you arrive, staff can direct you to a drop off zone allowing you to drop off your gear before parking nearby in the Chimney Ridge general parking area.


Key Points to Park & Walk:
  • Pick your own site.
  • Choose the type of terrain and location you like: shaded, wooded or open meadow. Depending on your location, you may have a little more elbow room.
  • Your car will be parked nearby in the Chimney Ridge Parking area.

Three Trails to Chimney Ridge

While you’re at the festival, there are three different trails you can use to easily move between the music, activities and Chimney Ridge camping: Water Tower Road, The Hill Stage Trail and The Gulley Trail. 

The Gravel Loop (Water Tower Road) will be open to pedestrians and bikers during the entire festival.  This ONE WAY road loops throughout the festival grounds and is used by both motorized vehicles and bikes. Sharing the road will be important. For pedestrians, you can walk both directions, just please be careful. And be sure to carry a flashlight at all times when it’s dark! 

The Hill Stage Trail runs from Chimney Ridge to The Hill Stage. This trail will have lighting and is a comfortable, easy terrain to walk.

The Gulley Trail runs from Chimney Ridge to the opening of Z lot, closest to the Music Meadow. This trail will not having lighting and is a much steeper and trickier terrain. While you’re welcome to use it whenever you’ll want to be prepared for more of a climb and having a flashlight with you if you’re traversing at night.

FAQs for Chimney Ridge:

1. Can I bring my camper to Chimney Ridge? Maybe. We are allowing SMALL campers on Chimney Ridge. If you have a small rv/camper or van that will fit in a 20′ x 20′ spot (along with your car), it may just work!  The technical qualifications for a camper on Chimney Ridge are: 1) Must be towed in with an AWD/4WD vehicle. 2) Your detached camper and car need to fit into the 20’x20’ car-camping campspot.  3) No generators of any type are allowed on Chimney Ridge. (One steering wheel per site. If you drive your rv/camper or van, that is your vehicle.)

2. Are there any designated family or quiet camping areas? There will be an area designated “quiet camping” in Chimney Ridge Car-Camping. For Park & Walk campers, find the spot that works best for you. There is a lot of room on Chimney Ridge so hopefully the noise from the camping areas will be buffered. However, please understand that noise does travel and while we will do our best to provide a nice “quiet camping” area, we can’t make any guarantees.

3. Can I save spots for other friends or family who are camping but come at different times? Maybe. The only guarantee for your group to be camped beside each other is to arrive at the same time. If you are arriving at different times, our Chimney Ridge staff will work to accommodate your request, but there’s no guarantee.

4. Is there a designated ADA area on Chimney Ridge? Yes. Please let campground staff know if you need this when you arrive. You will be able to park your car beside your tent in this area.

5. What if we have two vehicles? You can only have one car per camping ticket on Chimney Ridge. If you have a second car it will need to be parked in GA parking and you will need to either walk up to Chimney Ridge with your gear (10-15 minute walk) or wait in line to catch a golf cart shuttle at Front Gate (shuttle lines can be long). If you need a second car at Chimney Ridge you’ll need to purchase a second Chimney Ridge camping ticket. Again, one car per camping ticket. We recommend carpooling for your group, but if you must bring a second car, be sure to purchase a GA parking ticket.

6. Can I drop off gear close to where I want to camp before parking? Yes, you will be able to drop off gear. However we do ask that you keep your vehicle on the gravel road unless directed by Chimney Ridge staff. When you arrive, you’ll be able to decide where you want to pitch your tent. It is up to you how close you want to be to the bathrooms, trails, road, food vendors, and drop off areas. There is room to spread out and the choice is yours.

7. Can we have a personal fire at our campsite? Yes. You will be required to have a metal fire container or ring, which you can bring along or rent from Chimney Ridge Staff. Fires must be attended at all times, with both fires and ashes thoroughly extinguished when leaving the area or going to bed. No bonfires allowed. Chimney Ridge Staff may require certain fires be extinguished if they are deemed dangerous to people or property.

8. Will there be firewood for sale? Yes. You may either scrounge in the woods for fallen wood or purchase firewood from the Chimney Ridge campground staff. Please do NOT bring firewood with you as it could contain invasive bugs and critters dangerous to our forest.

9. Will there be bathrooms, water and showers on Chimney Ridge? We will have drinking water and portajons easily accessible. Showers are available on Chimney Ridge, just look for the rainbow colored doors.

10. How often will the shuttle run between the Chimney Ridge camping area and the Music Meadow? The Chimney Ridge shuttles will run continually throughout the day. There should almost always be a ride coming soon if you need one. Of course, it is a beautiful and shaded walk, so you may just choose to stroll.

11. How long is the walk to the Music Meadow? We’ve timed the walk both by trail and road. Whichever way you choose to go, it is less than a 10min walk.

12.  Is it an option to bike from Chimney Ridge to the Music Meadow? Yes, the gravel road that loops through Chimney Ridge will be open to bikers and walkers alike this year. We advise caution since it’s gravel and has some steep sections and it will be shared with a limited number of motorized vehicles.

13. What about food and coffee? We’ve got you covered. There will be a coffee and a food vendor stationed on Chimney Ridge to help get the day started and keep it going.

 Have additional questions? Email us at [email protected]