Healing Arts

2023 Healing Arts Village

Welcome to the Red Wing Healing Arts Village!

This year will include Henna & Body Art, Thai Massage, Chair Massage, Reiki, Healing Touch, Stone Massage, Holistic Coaching, Herbal Products & Workshops, IV Vitamin Therapy, and Intuitive Tarot Readings.
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Reiki, Consciousness and Costa Rica: Gerry and Lindsay’s Healing Arts Collaboration

Each year, Gerry Stowers and Lindsay Erickson, the Red Wing Healing Arts Village Coordinators, passionately create a healing arts experience festival goers will never forget. Gerry and Lindsay are Reiki Master Teachers who live to promote an authentic life of self care practices that heal the whole person – body, mind and spirit.  Gerry first sought Lindsay for holistic nutrition advice for her youngest son Zane after attending a “Self-Care” workshop at The Nest, a local Harrisonburg yoga studio. Their relationship continued over the years with spiritually sharing in Reiki energy sessions, massage, a Yoga/Reiki retreat in Costa Rica, and Human Design readings.  Both Lindsay and Gerry enjoy a love of cycling, nature, and yoga.  As lovers of a grand adventure and superb festival music experiences, they artfully created a Reiki/Massage booth at Floydfest and first partnered in 2022 to create the first Cooperative Healing Arts Village for Red Wing. Local Healing arts vendors are carefully selected by Gerry and Lindsay to promote a professional, safe and affordable way for Red Wing fans to sample the best of the best in local healing arts techniques. Get to know the twelve Healing Arts vendors below!

Gerry Stowers is an intuitive practitioner of the healing arts and owns her practice, Meditation in Motion, in Downtown Staunton.  During her two decades of extensive study and travel, she has adventured across the globe, learning ancient healing practices. Gerry has studied and practiced a myriad of energetic modalities; she is a massage therapist, a Reiki Master, a yoga instructor, and a practitioner of Chinese Medicine. She recently graduated with a degree in Acupuncture from Jung Tao School of Classical Chinese Medicine. Gerry is also skilled in acupressure and reflexology.

The goal behind Gerry’s work is for everyone to know and connect with their own divinity. She seeks to help individuals discover and shine their own light.

Throughout her explorations and education, Gerry has come to understand the healing power of energy work. Everything is energy- as such, we have the ability to work with the elemental forces to transmute and heal both physical and emotional suffering. Gerry’s deep interest in medicine is lifelong. She experienced a cosmic transformation during a 2004 pilgrimage to Costa Rica, where a connection with Nature guided her on a journey of spiritual transformation.

After this profound experience, Gerry began her study of Reiki. The beautiful simplicity of Reiki resonates with Gerry; she is now honored to share the knowledge of this spiritual energy with her community.

During her practice of Reiki, Gerry has worked in hospital with mothers who have just given birth, helping to guide new spirits through the Gates of Light. She has also worked with the hospice community for the last decade at Augusta Health, lovingly holding space & guiding individuals who are preparing to transition. As a gatekeeper, Gerry endeavors to help people to remember their divinity. She appreciates Reiki’s powerful ability to facilitate energetic exchanges on the non-verbal level, where deep transformative healing can occur. Gerry Stower’s mission is to help others to remember that wherever they are, they are safe. When we learn to shine our own light, the path to healing is always possible.

Contact email: [email protected]

The Blackberry Herbarium is a small herb shop in Harrisonburg Virginia, committed to local herbal medicine, healing the land-people connection, and leading clients to sustainably sourced herbs for everyday wellbeing.
Created as a source for organic and no-spray regional herbs and solvents, the Blackberry has grown into the community, leading workshops and events at the EJC Arboretum, CYANWOOD Natural Lifestyles Center, Great.Full Goods, JMU’s Lifelong Learning Institute, as well as at schools, girls scout meetings, birthday parties and more!
We are honored and excited to be at Red Wing this year and to share our products and services with you. While you’re here, come on by and sign up for one of our on-site, festival herbal wand-making workshops, or for a one-on-one tea tasting and herb-spirit session – which herb shares your energy?!
We will of course have our most popular products here on site, including our tinctures, DIY kits, honey and books, as well as some custom festival offerings, including car and camping herbs, campside herbal accessories and meal seasonings, herbal eye pillows, mists, sprays and cooling herbs, teas and accessories. We are also featuring beautiful herbal drying garlands by local macrame artist @Studio Ivette!
Looking forward to meeting you – Jen & Steph

Blissful Studio & Healing Center

Blissful Healing Arts, sister company of Blissful Yoga Studio & Healing Center and Blisssful Herbal Farm & Apothecary, is located just outside Harrisonburg Va. Owner/Practioner, Cheryl Martin, an energy healer for the past 20 years, is originally from the Valley and continually grateful to practice in such a beautiful region and within our wonderful community. 

During healing sessions, Blissful Healing Arts draws from a combination of healing techniques such as Reiki, Stone Medicine, Healing Touch and channeling/mediumship, depending on the clients desires. The results are usually deep relaxation and sense of peacefulness. For those with specific questions concerning life or loved ones, channeling/mediumship or tarot/oracle readings are more well suited. These sessions allow for powerful and often reassuring insights and messages to flow through. 
Whether a client chooses energy healing or mediumship for their booking, Blissful Healings Art’s commitment is for each client to feel safe and well cared for. We can’t wait to see you! 


Bluebonnet Studio

Bluebonnet studio is nestled in the quaint town of Staunton offering massage therapy, sound therapy, facials, body treatments, waxing and beauty/makeup consultations. Our mission is to provide a luxurious experience catered to you, leaving you feeling refreshed and your true beautiful self.


Glitter Bee Art

The Glitter Bee is thrilled to be returning for her 4th Red Wing and this year she’s bringing a team! The Bee will be joined by The Sparkling Dragonfly, The Twinkly Lightning Bug, and The Fancy Mantis offering henna, face painting, glitter tattoos, hair tinsel, body glitters & gems, and sweat-proof grown up festival looks.
We are all so excited to see new faces and to be reunited with past years’ Red Wing families.
As always, The Glitter Bee only ever uses fresh, natural, handcrafted henna paste. If you have a G6PD Deficiency diagnoses, please talk to your artist before getting henna applied.


Eleanor felt the call toward healing touch early in life. She is trained in reflexology and reiki in addition to body art. Her first henna tattoo inspired her immensely and she began dreaming about doing henna herself, determined to practice and hone her skills. What began as an artistic hobby gradually grew into a profession doing something she loves, as she shared henna with more and more people. A great admirer of the traditional Indian style, the intricate lacy elegance of it, she is also influenced by the beauty she sees in nature and the world around her as well as the countless amazing artists on instagram.
Certified in natural henna, her blend is made with lemon juice, jagua, essential oils and sugar for a deep brown stain that lasts about 2 weeks. Sparkle hair is the tie in of shimmery silk strands to individual hairs. They last anywhere from a day to many months.
Mariza Dovis has had 13 years of experience in integrative healing arts and approaches her clients holistically. As a certified massage therapist and practitioner of Stone Medicine, her services and intuitive approach allows for a deep restoration that will satiate you to allow for noticeable rejuvenation and relaxation to enhance your Red Wing experience.
The best sessions have been through the sweet rains, the hot sun relieved with cold stones and the sweet sounds of the festival. The elements are as much a part of the experience so book your session early as all slots sold out last year. Mariza spends a lot of her time tending to her passions with her family, gardens and art. She hopes to bring some small art pieces with her to sell this year as well.
Mary Louise Rose of Mary Louise Coaching is a wellness entrepreneur who has paved her own path in the industry by exploring new approaches and taking her clients along with her. She has discovered a passion for energy work through Reiki and has gone on to become certified in this area.
Through her business, Mary Louise also offers a well-rounded approach to wellness that helps her clients navigate full body wellness through nutritional, physical and mental balance. She is dedicated to serving our community in the best way possible and is continuously seeking out new ways to enhance her clients’ wellness journeys.
My background in healing includes nursing in hospitals, partial programs, home health and private practice. I recently released the nursing licenses to dive deeper into Energy Medicine. I’ve known since starting my life’s journey that there is more available to us than the mainstream offerings. I’m a Certified Healing Touch Practitioner and I’m studying Biofield Tuning and Ecotherapy. I’ve had a long history of working with trauma. I volunteered with the Sexual Assault Resource Agency in Charlottoesville for over 20 years. I’ve volunteered doing energy work at OCP, STAR, RMH Sentara, Wildrock, and many more places. My passion is helping people in their healing journey.
Accelerate your recovery from stress, a big workout, dehydration, or hanging out at the beer garden too long! IV Hydration will rehydrate you quickly with vitamins and minerals. It’s also the fastest hangover cure out there! We can help make the tent stop spinning, seriously. Our licensed medical staff can get you back to dancing ASAP.
Come and experience the ancient form of body adornment. At SKS. ArtWorks, we offer henna body art, created with all natural, essential oils infused, henna. I have been creating henna art all my adult life. This art form has always been there for me, whenever I missed home, needed a little pick me up activity or when it was time to celebrate life. Henna has always brought so much joy to me and many others.

Tim Witting

Tim spent five years traveling around Southeast Asia studying with Masters of healing touch. Tim now offers his healing touch in his Charlottesville studio.