June 23, 24 & 25, 2023 |

94 Natural Chimneys Ln, Mt Solon, VA 22843

June 23, 24 & 25, 2023

Red Wing Roots Music Festival

Healing Arts

2022 Healing Arts Vendors

Welcome to the Red Wing Healing Arts Village! We are a community of healers and artists providing on-site energy work, massage, henna, face painting, glitter, herbal medicines, himalayan crafts and more. Booths will be open from 10 AM til dinner time each day, and a few group events will be offered throughout the weekend too!
Mother Bear Medicinals is an herbal medicine shop created by Trisha Brown Leweke. Mother Bear Medicinals at Red Wing Roots Music Festival will offer herbal tea blends, local plants, herbal honeys, tinctures, art, stones, healing baths, books, and more. Herbal first aid will be available on a donation basis.


Healing Herbs: Mugwort and Motherwort

Join Trisha at 10 AM (following yoga!) on Saturday for a 30min
herbalism class with Mother Bear Medicinals. 
Gathering in the Healing Arts Village!

Hand Over Heals: Body Arts is excited to BACK at Red Wing to offer henna tattoos made with natural, brown, plant-based dye, essential oils and sugar. Elanor’s intricate designs and patterns will last 1-2 weeks with care. Or stop by for Sparkle Hair! All of Eleanor’s offerings are infused with Reiki, and she also offers Hand Reflexology.

The Glitter Bee is thrilled to be returning with henna, face painting, glitter tattoos, and ALLLLL your festival glitter needs! We love our Red Wing families and are counting down the days!

SKS.ArtWorks is returning to Red Wing to provide all natural temporary henna tattoos. Come experience the ancient form of Self-expression and body adornment with Shehzeen of SKS.ArtWorks. It’s time for relaxation, creativity and connection.

Awakened Wellness is so grateful to be a part of this year’s Red Wing! Lindsay will be sharing her gentle and restorative Reiki energy healing sessions with those who are ready to release energetic blocks and connect with more balance and flow in body, mind and spirit. Every session will be infused with personalized essential oils. If you are ready for more clarity in your life, or have been weighing a situation, check out her Rune Stone readings which always provide valuable insights drawn from your deeper knowing.

EMpowered Holistic Healing is pleased to be sharing the Japanese healing art of Reiki with Red Wing festival goers! During sessions, Emily will hold space for individuals to rest within themselves and serve as a facilitator for the movement of universal life energy (or Reiki) through them to help support any physical, mental, or emotional healing.

Blissful Healing Arts looks forward to sharing energy healing and oracle/tarot card readings with those who are ready to access deep healing. In addition, Cheryl will provide psychic readings. Visit her tent for a dose of Blissful magic!

Bija Love: Mariza Dovis has had 13 years of experience in integrative healing arts and approaches her clients holistically. As a certified massage therapist and practitioner of Stone Medicine, her services and intuitive approach allows for a deep restoration that will satiate you to allow for noticeable rejuvenation and relaxation. She spends a lot of her time tending to her passions with her family, gardens and art.

Sunday at 10am, 1hr, Experience Deep INtegration, limited to 4 people. Sign up at Bija Body Works Tent.

Shenandoah Shamanic Healing: Barbara Martin, M.A. Holistic Healing Arts, has been practicing in the Peruvian tradition of shamanic healing for over 5 years.  She studied with Deborah Wray of Gateway School of Shamanism.  Shamanic healing approaches physical, emotional and spiritual imbalances from a deep energetic level.  The shamanic healer works with her spirit guides in this process and assists the client with finding and working with their spirit guides. 

Ruth Gardner has been practicing the Healing Arts for 3 years now becoming a level 3 Reiki practitioner, level 1 Healing Touch practitioner and most recently, a certified sound therapy practitioner.  What she has discovered in practicing each of these arts is that both the recipient and practitioner benefit from these energetic sessions.  She also has an interest is Nepalese crafts from a recent trip to Nepal and will be offering some crafts for sale at Redwing.  Please come by her booth and take a look!

Staunton Integrative WellnessGerry Stowers is an intuitive practitioner of the healing arts. During her two decades of extensive study and travel, she has adventured across the globe, learning ancient healing practices. Gerry has studied and practiced a myriad of energetic modalities; she is a massage therapist, a Reiki Master, a yoga instructor, and a practitioner of Chinese Medicine. She recently graduated with a degree in Acupuncture from Jung Tao School of Classical Chinese Medicine. Gerry is also skilled in acupressure and reflexology.

The goal behind Gerry’s work is for everyone to know and connect with their own divinity. She seeks to help individuals to discover and shine their own light.

Throughout her explorations and education, Gerry has come to understand the healing power of energy work. Everything is energy- as such, we have the ability to work with the elemental forces to transmute and heal both physical and emotional suffering. Gerry’s deep interest in medicine is lifelong. She experienced a cosmic transformation during a 2004 pilgrimage to Costa Rica, where a connection with Nature guided her on a journey of spiritual transformation.

After this profound experience, Gerry began her study of Reiki. The beautiful simplicity of Reiki resonates with Gerry; she is now honoured to share the knowledge of this spiritual energy with her community.

During her practice of Reiki, Gerry has worked in hospital with mothers who have just given birth, helping to guide new spirits through the Gates of Light. She has also worked with the hospice community for the last decade at Augusta Health, lovingly holding space & guiding individuals who are preparing to transition. As a gatekeeper, Gerry endeavors to help people to remember their divinity. She appreciates Reiki’s powerful ability to facilitate energetic exchanges on the non-verbal level, where deep transformative healing can occur. Gerry Stower’s mission is to help others to remember that wherever they are, they are safe. When we learn to shine our own light, the path to healing is always possible.