Devil Makes Three, Jarosz, part of Red Wing Roots’ Enticing Lineup

Red Wing Roots Music Festival aims to surpass last year’s success

1:51 PM, Feb. 24, 2014 | The News Leader | by Deona Landes Houff


Red Wing Roots Music Festival

JD McPherson performs on the Shenandoah Mountain Stage as thousands attended the first Red Wing Roots Music Festival at Natural Chimneys park in Mount Solon in July 2013. Photo by Pat Jarrett.

“Beautiful music. Beautiful people. Beautiful park.” Red Wing Roots Music Festival’s tagline would feel arrogant or perhaps cheesy, if it weren’t obviously true for so many.Last year’s inaugural Americana festival at Natural Chimneys Park was wildly successful, even in the rain. Launched by nationally successful local band The Steel Wheels, it featured 40 bands on four stages over three days.Afterward, almost 2,500 ecstatic attendees flooded the festival organizers with praise and ideas for acts to book this year. Early bird tickets, which took a few months to sell out in ’13, were…

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